German Christmas

Many people celebrate the Christmas on their way. These ways like how to celebrate and how to spend are so unique and fun for us because we don’t experience them. German Christmas is so interesting for me. Have you ever met Black Santa Claus? Everyone knows Santa Claus who wears a red coat and pants, a white mustache; however Black Santa Claus dress up Black clothes from head to foot. The Grand Christmas Market stand in a row from November in Berlin and Munich, Frankfurt. The locals and tourists from all over the world visit these city and these are so busy from November. However, a fear legend which completely different from such image of gorgeous Christmas is in Germany. In Germany, Santa Claus who wears red clothes comes to Children’s house that children often help their mother and cleans their room too, but if Black Santa Claus come to Children’s house that children doesn’t help their mothers job and are unkind to their friends. Black Santa Claus is called クネヒトルプレヒト and his characteristics are wearing black clothes, has the whip that bundles the twig. Red and Black Santa Claus is acting together in Germany depending on the provinces. The present is given to a good child, and punishment comes for a bad child.

Mother tells children who doesn’t help that Black Santa Claus come to the house.

A mysterious present such as the rubbish of the charcoal glass and the tree is put on child’s bedside because children don’t hear it no matter how it is noted a lots. This seems to be good one. For worst children, it seems to be put cow and pig’s internal organs on children’s bed. However, Black Santa Claus seem to pack really bad children into an empty bag and get away them. Afterwards, the taken bad child is not trained in the Black Santa Claus. Black Santa Claus throws them out to the river of the midwinter and drops them. Many people think why Black Santa Claus exists in Germany.  Existence of Black Santa Claus is deep relations with church.

In existence of black Father Christmas in Germany, there is deep relations with the church. Santa Claus understands that it is bad to intimidate young children, but this legend seems to be effect preeminence for children whom a habit was distracted with. クランプス whose looks is more horrible is in Austria. クランプス resembles Namahage of Akita. クランプス hold the branch of the tree in a hand like クネヒトルプレヒト, too, And it is said that クランプス does punishment of bad children. It seems that ピート is the same as Black Santa Claus, but ピート is attendants on Santa Claus in Netherland. Because the face of ピート is black, it is apt to seem that it is punishment corps. However, ピート’s role is going into the house from a chimney in place of Santa Claus, so their face is so black. Dutch Santa Claus doesn’t carry presents by myself.


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    tomeiter Says:

    Hi Yui, can you find the katakana names in romaji? Please talk to me if you need help.

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