Christmas as an American holiday

Christmas as an American holiday

The three major holidays that Americans celebrate are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day and of these three, the most important is Christmas. However, you may be surprised to know that some of the first immigrants to America did not celebrate Christmas at all. This is because they were Puritans, (xxxx), and they thought that the Christmas feast was too wasteful and decadent. (Kashiwara, 1999). However, other immigrants brought their ideas of Christmas as a special holiday, and they have combined to create our idea of an American Christmas.

 Christmas started in the middle Ages in Europe, and was spread to the United States by the immigrant. However, the Puritan who had come to New England in the 17th century assumed that the feast caused degeneration, and was forbidding Christmas.

However, Christmas has spread to American whole land as the number of immigrants from Europe increases. It is the more maximum event in one year than the Thanksgiving of now. There are small numbers of people who do not celebrate on religious grounds. If the Thanksgiving in November ends, the decoration of the show window in the town becomes one Christmas color. Christmas is the celebrating at home, and the shop closes and becomes unfrequented. These are definitely different from Japan.


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