American Chistmas and Japanese Chirstmas

Another area where we can see differences between the American and the Japanese celebration of Christmas is in the Christmas meal. The traditional feast for Japanese people is during New Year’s, where families gather to eat osechi, zoni, mochi. New Year’s is when Japanese families gather, so their holiday feast occurs at this time. However, in America, there are some difference between Japan and American Christmas meal. An investigation conducted in 19xx into the idea of the Christmas meal, comparing American and Japanese ideas about the holiday meal (, 19??) conducted an investigation into a meal of Christmas to about 1,000 Japanese people. The result was as follows. 70% of Japanese people eat Christmas cake, and 30% eat chicken. On the other hand, it was only 4% that ate the turkey of American traditional Christmas menu.

One possible reason for this difference is the time when Christmas was introduced to Japan. It was only in the 1950’s, after World War 2 that Japanese, influenced by American culture, began to eat Christmas cake. The Western-style cake industry became more active than before, taking advantage of sugar and wheat flour having been lifted the ban. It was such times when postwar food shortage continued, and there were not materials to make a cake till then. The Western-style cake industry made shortcake and Mont Blanc, a cream puff when I got possible to secure the materials which were necessary for the making of cake. And a cake infiltrated general people before long. It is said that it is Fujiya to have created Christmas decoration cakes first. When we think about the history of the Japanese cake, Fujiya is an indispensable company. The power of television transmission started in 1953 also influences it. It spread Christmas cake in Japan to have broadcasted the picture which ate Christmas cake on TV. It is the start of eating cake on Christmas day in Japan.

This is a custom that is actually a Japanese addition to Christmas rather than an importation of a U.S. tradition. In the US, the typical Christmas food is a roasted turkey, a dish that is related to British holiday customs imported to America (Tsai, 19xx) Many people eat a turkey instead. Why American people eat turkey on Christmas Day? “Eating turkey was also in keeping with British holiday customs that had been imported to the New World.” Most British families now eat turkey on Christmas Day, but the traditional festive meal is goose. Turkey was introduced from the Americas in the 16th century but did not become the standard Christmas dish until well into the 20th, when the bird proved particularly amenable to new intensive farming techniques.


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